About Us


The Palmer- Williams Group (PWG) is a 501( c ) ( 3) non-profit organization founded by David Palmer and Sherman Williams, former University of Alabama and NFL football players. The organization was created to provide youth development programs to assist and guide disadvantaged youth to overcome interpersonal obstacles, embrace family values, education and avoid life’s pitfalls.


PWG’s success depends on a “holistic” approach to problems of pre-teen and teenage psychological and physical development. Developing both the minds and bodies of our disadvantaged youth populations across America will ultimately result in the reduction of crime rates across the country. In addition, the fastest growing social concern for our youth today is childhood obesity. As such, PWG programming includes physical fitness activities and nutritional counseling.


PWG offers free camps to teach the safety, techniques and fundamentals of athletic sports to the youth in the community while emphasizing athletic excellence, physical and mental discipline, self-esteem, leadership and sportsmanship. These attributes are essential in order for each participant to reach their full potential.



Our Staff Members

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