LifeSync Academy

The LifeSync Academy program created by the Palmer-Williams Group (PWG), is structured to address and eliminate a number of challenges or extreme obstacles blocking the path to success for many talented but misguided youth within our communities. LifeSync Academy’s success depends on a “holistic” approach to problems of pre-teens and teenagers. The Academy will address social issues, such as, alcohol and drug abuse, financial literacy, pre-marital sex, ethics, as well as the life-long value of education and the rule of law. Developing both the minds and bodies of our disadvantaged youth populations across America will ultimately result in the reduction of crime rates across the country.

The 10-week program will impact the life of 30 youth between the ages of 9 and 14 each semester. The LifeSync Youth Development programs consist of classroom lectures and workshops, community service projects and fitness/nutritional counseling.  Programs are fully integrated wherever possible.  All programs are staffed, equipped and delivered through the PWG LifeSync Academy.

LifeSync consists of (3) distinct and contiguous programs structured by age group; Pre-Season (9 – 10), Walk-Through (11-12) and Game-Time (13 -14).  All programs will be offered up to three times per year, and limited to 30 students each session. Our ultimate goal is a student-teacher ratio of 10:1 or less.

The entry-level program of LifeSync is called Pre-Season. This program is designed to build a basic understanding of the social, political, economic and psychological impact of personal choice from a 9-10 year old perspective.

LifeSync Walk – Through is the intermediate-level program.  The program relies on specific examples taken from real-life situations that directly relate to the daily inner-city life of 11-12 year olds.  The objective of Walk-Through is to heighten awareness within this age group that behaviors, education and personal choices made now will significantly impact the remainder of their lives.

LifeSync Game-Time is the last program element in the LifeSync curriculum. The program is designed for the early teen; prior to entering high school.  The 13-14 year olds in this program will share and role play personal experiences within the acceptable age appropriate weekly topics.

In addition to LifeSync program topics, the PWG Academy will provide a 30 minute physical fitness workout program and nutritional counseling for all youth participants.  The PWG Academy will solicit volunteers or hire part-time instructors (e.g. Personal trainer and Nutritionist) to create age appropriate workouts and nutritional guidance.

LifeSync Academy will be offered at no expense to the participants or their families.

In order to offer this program free of charge, PWG relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses for financial support. All donations to the Palmer-Williams Group are 100% tax deductible. Please consider donating to this program today and be a part of history!