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  • Aloha Hospitality
  • Coca-Cola
  • Greer’s Market
  • Charleston Lighting
  • Lindsey & Waldo, LLC
  • Palmer’s Toyota Superstore
  • Infiniti of Mobile
  • Community Foundation of South Alabama
  • Taylor & Martino Attorneys at Law
  • Mobile County Health Department
  • Publix
  • Southern View Media
  • Steven Moore Law Firm
  • McConnell Automotive
  • Crabtree & Maitre
  • Lattof & Lattof Attorneys at Law
  • Lending Tree Bowl
  • Windcreek Casino

Help Us Continue to Empower The Youth In Our Communities

Our Mission

David Palmer and Sherman Williams, Sr., co-founders of Palmer Williams Group (PWG), are former student-athletes from the University of Alabama.  Both are uniquely qualified to lead PWG, based on their parallel life experiences of adversity, triumph, and tragedy.  Their individual backgrounds span the harsh landscape of an upbringing in the inner cities of Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama where they were exposed to many of the obstacles and life challenges plaguing America’s youth today.

Namely pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, lack of positive adult role models, negative peer pressures and a growing physical and moral deterioration within their communities. Despite these obstacles, their personal determination and hard work earned them full college scholarships; demonstrating their ability to rise above negative influences. After their NCAA athletic accomplishments earned both of them national recognition, they were drafted by the Minnesota Vikings (Palmer) and the Dallas Cowboys (Williams). Unfortunately, both of their promising careers, under the bright lights of the NFL, were negatively impacted by childhood influences they both worked so hard to overcome.  Fame and fortune ultimately took its toll and run-ins with law enforcement agencies led to the early termination of their NFL careers.

Today, after more than a decade of personal growth and self-reflection, Palmer and Williams are fully resolved and committed to leveraging their invaluable life experiences within the framework of PWG’s business plan. It is their vision to offer socially disadvantaged youth the benefit of their real-life knowledge of cause and effect within the PWG Youth Development curriculum.  Please consider becoming a PWG Sponsor to ensure the success of our mission.