Helping Today's Youth See a Better Tomorrow

Youth Entrepreneurship

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The Palmer Williams Group is based in Mobile, Alabama. Since our incorporation in 2013, we have had the opportunity to partner and network with several local businesses and community minded individuals who support our organization across several counties in Alabama, North Florida, and West Mississippi. Our new project, Entrepreneurial Youth of America Club (EYAC), is open to middle and high school youth from low to moderate-income families that live in Baldwin or Mobile counties.

According to recent statistics, Mobile County and Baldwin County has a poverty level rate of 19.3% and 11.8 % respectively (, both counties experience poverty levels higher than the United States poverty level of 10.5% ( In addition, these poverty levels are expected to increase due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It has been proven that if we want our local communities to thrive in the future, we need to provide our youth with the opportunity and the skills to be productive citizens.

The Entrepreneurial Youth of America Club (EYAC) will provide an avenue for the youth participants to succeed in a job or to invest in themselves and create a business. Youth that are economically empowered are more likely to become active business leaders while strengthening their community. We need this program in Baldwin and Mobile counties to build this type of environment now!

The goal of EYAC is to provide the youth participants with the skills, values, and vision to pursue their dreams. It is important that community minded organizations, like PWG, create an environment that encourages young people to change their mindset so they believe in themselves and understand that they can accomplish anything they want, regardless of their current circumstances. The skills the participants learn from this program will give them the foundation to start their own business or get them on the right path to a successful career in corporate America. The objective of this program is one of the many ways we serve disadvantaged communities through our mission “Helping Today’s Youth See A Better Tomorrow.”

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